UNDP Turkey’s podcasts and e-magazine celebrates their 100th episodes

Apr 1, 2014

New Horizons Podcast of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Office in Turkey released its 100th episode on March and monthly New Horizons e-magazine published its 100th issue on April.

New Horizons - In January 2011, UNDP Turkey pioneered the New Horizons Podcast which intended to share the many development stories of UNDP with a wider audience in Turkey.

Each New Horizons Podcast episode features selected stories on the activities of the UNDP which strives for a more productive, greener, healthier and more aware future.

The premise of the New Horizons podcasts was not only to raise awareness of UNDP work but also to stimulate debate on development issues of local and global significance.

Radio İlef hosted the recordings of many episodes of New Horizons Podcast since the beginning, which released its 100th episode in the third week of March.

The episodes, broadcasted in Turkish, are available in podcast format on iTunes Store, Soundcloud, Pure Connect, Tunein and Audioboo.

New Horizons Podcasts can be listened on Açık Radyo, Police Radio, on MYCY radio from Cyprus as well as on university radios on its broadcasting network.

With the help of its radio network, the New Horizons Podcasts have reached over 1 million people in Turkey.

For more information and episode archive: http://www.bit.ly/brandnewhorizons

100th issue of UNDP Turkey’s eight years old e-magazine

New Horizons e-magazine was started as an e-newsletter on 2006 by UNDP Turkey office.

Since then it aimed to share the work of UNDP in Turkey with its short news stories.

Now, the e-magazine is developed into the tablet and smart phone (iOS/Android) friendly version.

It is now much user friendly, visually appealing, functional, new media focused and content oriented.

The 100th issue is published at the beginning of April 2014.

To read the 100th issue please click here: http://yeniufuklar.info/en/100/1