Annual tourism value of Fethiye-Göcek Special Environmental Protection Area is 378 million TL

Apr 1, 2014

The annual tourism revenue is 378 million TL for Fethiye –Göcek Special Environmental Protection Area (SEPA).

New Horizons - Fethiye –Göcek SEPA is among the Marine and Coastal Protected Areas (MCPA) in the context of “Strengthening the System of Marine and Coastal Protected Areas of Turkey Project”.

Like a heaven for marine species

Fethiye-Göcek SEPA is like a house of fertility for the marine species.

There are 1,545 marine species including Caretta caretta, 220 species of algae, 4 species of sea grass and 150 species of fish.

Fish stocks under protection at the protected areas

Fishing generates 720,000 TL annual income.

Sea grass provides 1.8 million TL by carbon capturing and 872,000 TL by erosion control functions.

16 million from waste water treatment, 378 million from tourism

The marine area generates 16 million TL from waste water treatment.

The tourism income of the area is also very high which is 378 million TL and this is equal to 95% of the total revenue of the area.