‘Future Lies in Tourism’ supports sustainable tourism projects

Mar 1, 2014

Applications have opened again for Future Lies in Tourism Sustainable Tourism Support Fund which provided fund for three tourism projects in October 2013.

New Horizons - Deadline for applications to the Fund which will support projects advocating sustainable tourism and local development is 11 April.

Future Lies in Tourism Sustainable Tourism Support Fund is implemented in cooperation with Anadolu Efes, Ministry of Culture and Tourism and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Support fund aims at enhancing local tourism actors and civil society organizations’ capacities by developing cooperation with public and private institutions and increasing best practices in the field of sustainable tourism.

Non-profit civil society organizations, non-governmental Organization and chambers, unions, cooperatives, professional associations, federations, foundations constituted by them and universities and research institutes/centers that have a legal entity and are registered in Turkey can apply to the Fund.

The total amount of a grant agreement to be signed by a single legal entity as a beneficiary cannot be less than 15.000 TL and exceed 90.000 TL Sustainable Tourism Support Fund will cover by 100 percent of the project expenses.

What kinds of projects are supported?

The Sustainable Tourism Support Fund will support small scaled initiatives of local actors and non-governmental organizations, adopting the principles of sustainable tourism development and may provide support to local economic development.

The reason for supporting these local actors and non- governmental organizations is that their potential to ignite larger scale economic developments with national impact in a given sector and region.

The aim is to create awareness on the importance of sustainable tourism in the local economic development and enhance the cooperation among stakeholders and public private partnerships in the field of sustainable tourism in Turkey by supporting projects that will create tangible impact and models.

Deadline for pre-applications is 11 April 2014.

For more information and application guide please visit www.gelecekturizmde.com website.