Marine and Coastal Protected Area contributes 81 million TL to Ayvalık annually

01 Feb 2014

Ayvalık Islands Nature Park provides living, feeding and breeding grounds for 671 marine species including 16 species under protection. Annual economic income, which is generated by protection of marine values, reaches 81 million TL.

New Horizons - Ayvalık Islands Nature Park is among the Marine and Coastal Protection Areas (MCPA) in the context of “Strengthening the System of Marine and Coastal Protected Areas of Turkey Project”.

Marine values, which are taken under protection within the context of the project in Ayvalık Islands Nature Park, also provide protection for economic values.  

Ayvalık Islands Nature Park generates 81 million TL annual income.

This amount includes 72 million TL from tourism/ recreation, 410.000 TL from fishing, 7 million TL from waste water treatment, 643.000 TL from erosion control, 1.2 million TL from carbon capture and 270.000 TL from glasswort.

Unbelievable contribution of sea grass

The sea grass (Posidonia oceanica), which is endemic to Mediterranean basin and living in coastal areas, also exists in the area that is under protection by the project.

The sea grass provides about 2 million TL worth supportive service to Ayvalık with its erosion protective and carbon capturing feature.


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