Foça smiles with Marine and Coastal Protected Area

01 Feb 2014

Annual value of Foça Marine and Coastal Protected Area (MCPA) reached up to 59.5 million TL as 49 % of its coasts were closed to construction and marine values are protected.

New Horizons - Very important achievements were made in Foça Special Environmental Protection Area (SEPA) in terms of both ecosystem and economic development under the context of “Strengthening the System of Marine and Coastal Protected Areas of Turkey Project”.

Many important efforts were made within the project in Foça which is one of the few areas monk seals live.

Annual value of 9.5 million TL was provided to Foça from fishing by these efforts, which aim to sustainable usage of marine bio-diversity.

Annual economic value is nearly 60 million TL

The economic values began to increase in Foça by the protection of marine values. Annual economic values increased up to 59.5 million TL.

This amount includes 10 million TL from fishing, 655.000 TL from carbon capture, 8.5 million TL from erosion control, 1.5 million TL from waste water treatment and 39 million TL from tourism/ recreation.


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