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Five projects on energy efficiency to be supported

Feb 1, 2014

Administrative check and technical evaluation of the project applications submitted within the framework of the Market Transformation of Energy Efficient Appliances in Turkey Project (EVÜ dP) Grant Programme have been completed. 

New Horizons - In consideration of the Grant Programme budget limitation, the list of the qualified research projects to be supported by the Grant Programme is available in alphebetical order of the applicant universities below:

We thank to all universities for their kind interest and application to our Grant Programme.

Applicant Project title
ANKARA UNIVERSITY Ankara Household Electrical Appliances Energy Efficiency Technologies Research Center
BOĞAZİÇİ UNIVERSITY Climate Change and Household Appliances
İSTANBUL AYDIN UNIVERSITY The Energy Efficiency and Increasing  the Efficiency of Household Devices and Sustainability
KADİR HAS UNIVERSITY Raising Awareness in Energy Efficiency of Household Appliances an Climate Change
ÖZYEĞİN UNIVERSITY Raising Awareness and Transformation of Energy Efficient Television Technologies in Turkey (EVTV)