Design process of sustainable and environment friendly demo buildings completed

Dec 2, 2013

The design of five service buildings which will be an example for other public and private sector buildings and which will be constructed in Ankara, have been completed. These buildings will be energy efficient, in harmony with native land pattern and disaster resistant.

New Horizons - Within the context of “Promoting Energy Efficiency in Buildings Project” the design of five demo buildings which are designed with integrated building design approach have been completed. 

5 service buildings which will be an example for public and private sector regarding to “sustainable and environment friendly buildings” with the aim of actualizing the most suitable design depending on cost and performance of the building through integrated building design methodology and modeling the building energy performance and its improvement process beginning from the initial phase of design.

Renewable Energy Technical Vocational High School

Four of the demo buildings will be constructed in Eryaman region of Ankara and will be used as a "Renewable Energy Technical Vocational High School" by the Ministry of National Education.

The school buildings will be consisting of building of the class rooms, an atelier building, sports hall and dormitory.

The 5th building, on the other hand, is designing as Sincan-Etimesgut Region Service Building of the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre.

Integrated building design approach

In general, the method being followed is; defining the aims of sustainable design, defining buildings’ passive, mechanical and electrical system and integrating with the architectural whole, conducting the energy analyses and relevant modeling studies for the structural and mechanical solutions of buildings and the investigation of cost and benefits of the designs for the buildings.

In addition to design methods; maintaining indoor air quality and comfort at maximum level, reflecting the results of the analyses for providing productivity related with functionality on design decisions are ensured.

In addition, designing aesthetic buildings while ensuring harmony with native land pattern, supporting the design phases with conducting economic analyses to ensure cost effectiveness, safe architectural design decisions against earthquake, fire or other natural disasters were important elements of design approach.

Also, use of recycling and green materials and use of natural resources make demonstration buildings harmonized with the parameters of high performance and sustainable building design.

At the same time within these demonstration buildings; understanding the relationship between material, system and mass and designing accordingly is an important element of the design approach.

Architectural, structural, mechanical and environmental features are all taken into consideration during the architectural design phases.

From different disciplines; designers, engineers and experts (experts are authorized depending on necessity through determined scopes) are worked together as a team.

The design works are completed by Ekodenge Ltd, Atelier Ten and Willen Associates Joint Venture.

5 demonstration buildings support and come into prominence with giving importance to; healthy environments, using energy in the most efficient way and achieving the maximum level in energy performance of buildings, increasing the sensitivity about recycling of materials and waste management in buildings in order to support the recycling of grey water and rain water with regarding the concepts of energy, sustainability, atmosphere, material/waste water and social sensitivity.