Teos ancient city mashes to be protected

01 Nov 2013

Association of Supporting Slow Living, with the support of GEF Small Grants Programme (SGP) and Seferihisar Municipality stepped up to protect the ecosystem of Teos ancient city ruins in Seferihisar, Turkey’s first ‘slow city’.

New Horizons- The Azmak marshes and shore line’s ecosystem situated within the grounds of the Teos ancient city ruins in Sığacık, Seferihisar, has great importance for both the Aegean region and Turkey’s biodiversity.

Seferihisar is also known as Turkey’s first ‘slow city’ as it joined Cittaslow Network which is a union of cities that do not want to be a part of homogeneous spaces, remain local and saving its own special properties.

The Azmak marshes within the coast line of Sığacık and Doğanbey are part of the 305 key biodiversity areas of Turkey and these marshes are home to various sea birds and flora.

However, the ground of Teos ruins in Seferihisar is under an extreme threat with the careless use of its marshes and shoreline.

Visitors' careless use of these marshes and shoreline causes flora and shore-line plant erosion and extreme pollution is the main problem of the area.

Raising awareness among the local community

The natural importance of this project's environment is yet unknown. The aim of “Protecting the Marshes and Shore-Line of The Azmak” project which started in June 2012 and ended in June 2013 was to held inclusive and exemplary activities to protect the Teos ancient city marshes and rehabilitate the shoreline.

At the same time, it is aimed to raise awareness among the local community on the importance of these areas, and also to integrate the local community into the land protection and preservation.

In addition, informative and cautionary signboards were settled trough the operational field. An inventory was to build up to determine the birds and flora population. 

This project in Seferihisar which is the first ‘slow city’ of Turkey is a unique work in which archaeological stature and biological richness is considered and planned together.

As Seferihisar has joined the Cittaslow Network, a great interest and support is given to the project by the local community which had many activities in the field of nature friendliness and biological sustainability.


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