Provinces’ socio-economic development level ranked

01 Nov 2013

“The Socio-Economic Development Ranking Survey of Provinces and Regions-(SEGE-2011)” which involves 76 cities announced at the beginning of October.

New Horizons- In SEGE research, the level of development in cities and regions are measured in a comparative manner.

In SEGE 2011, 61 variances in total under social and economic indicators have been used.

SEGE studies determine to which development group a city or a region belongs.

Therefore these studies aim at providing the sub-structure for analysis necessary for a more efficient use of the resources and a balanced development.

In the SEGE-2011, cities are divided into six categories based on development level, prominent for the new incentive mechanism.

In addition to the previously used variances, SEGE 2011 uses new variances in the field of competitive and innovative capacity, access and quality of life. 

The results show that unemployment is the highest in cities like Adana, Mersin, Van, İzmir and İstanbul where high rates of migration is witnessed.

The cities in Northern Anatolia, known for high immigration rates, have low rates of unemployment because of an undeveloped labour market rather than efficiency in labour market.

According to the competitive and innovative capacity variances, the amount that the cities of Tunceli, Kars Gümüşhane, Erzincan, Bayburt, Ardahan and Bitlis received from export share is very low, almost close to zero.



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