Everything on energy efficiency in buildings is on this web portal

Nov 1, 2013

The renovation of www.bep.gov.tr web portal continues which includes both related regulations and software systems on energy efficiency in buildings.

New Horizons- Through this portal which is prepared in the scope of “Promoting Energy Efficiency in Buildings” project, it is aimed to support the promotion of the efficient use of energy resources in buildings which is the one of the important objectives of the building energy performance regulation and related regulations.

There are sections in the portal that give information on Building Energy Performance regulation, Building Energy Performance Software (BEP-TR) system which is developed within the context of BEP regulation.

This system is used for the issuance of Energy Performance Certificates for buildings, how and who are allowed to use this system, what kind of data on buildings can be gathered from the system.

Furthermore, there are also micro sites within the portal regarding the energy efficiency in buildings, central heating cost sharing system and several projects/trainings undertaken by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

For further information, please click here: www.bep.gov.tr