Black Sea Box iPad App on iTunes Store

01 Nov 2013

Black Sea Box iPad Application aims to enlighten tablet users all around the world about the beauties of Black Sea and also the environmental threats it is facing and the protection precautions.

New Horizons- Every Drop Matters–Water partnership initiative of UNDP and The Coca-Cola Company is making effort to help the protection of Black Sea since the initiation of the partnership for about 7 years.

Black Sea Box which already reached students living in the Black Sea Coast of Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Romania is now online.

The iPad Application of Black Sea Box was launched on 21 October and now available on iTunes store.

It is aimed to raise awareness among larger audience via this iPad not only on the beauties of Blacks Sea and threats it is facing but also on the fact that this is a global environmental problem that can be solved with more collective action.  

The Black Sea Box iPad App also has a game which makes the application more attractive and entertaining.

You can download the App to your iPad from iTunes store by searching Black Sea Box.


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