The projects awarded with Sustainable Tourism Support Fund are announced

01 Oct 2013

Within 252 applicants from 63 different cities, three projects are awarded with Sustainable Tourism Support Fund. The awarded projects will be implemented in Bursa, Mardin and Izmir.

New Horizons- The projects that applied for Sustainable Tourism Support first went through a pre-assessment process.

Shortlisted 10 projects that passed the pre-assessment process gathered in Future Lies in Tourism Workshop, held in Istanbul between 29-30 May 2013. Following the workshop, the shortlisted projects went through a final assessment process as a result of which three of them were awarded with the support fund.

 The awarded projects are:

  • 100 % Misia- Nilufer Misi Village Women's Cultural and Beneficiary Association- Bursa, Misi Village
  • Creating Women- Led Sustainable Tourism Initiatives in Mardin- Foundation for the Support of Women's Work- Mardin
  • Traditional Kitchen of Seferihisar- Hıdırlık Agricultural Development Cooperative - Izmir, Seferihisar

Sericulture and women’s labour

%100 Misia Project, aims to promote the tourism activities in Misi Village, which outstands with its historical features and natural beauties, within the scope of culture tourism.

Culture tourism activities in Misi Village will try to improve sericulture, as the historical means of livelihood in the region and create a new model which will assure that women’s labour is also be evaluated by women.

Project will last for 12 months and will contribute to the training of women in the village.

A restaurant will be opened in "Cocoon House", a registered Misi House by women. Women will also be responsible of the management of the restaurant.

Also workshops on sericulture will be organized in the "Silk House", another registered Misi House while stores will be opened and managed by women.

The products that are produced in the Silk House will be put on market for sale.

Women’s initiatives will be supported by a multi-sectoral cooperation platform

The project of Women- Led Sustainable Tourism Initiatives aims to contribute to the development of sustainable tourism and increase in new models by creating an exemplary women’s initiative platform in Mardin.

Within the scope of the project, İpekyolu Pension and Cafe will go into action and 50 women will go through a training process.

By creating a multi-sectoral cooperation platform, it is intended to create an environment that supports women’s initiatives, particularly in tourism sector.

As a result of these activities, it is aimed to provide accommodation and food service for tourism sector in the region and to establish a collective women initiative model which may also be implemented in other provinces.

The extension of women’s labor with traditional kitchen

With Traditional Kitchen of Seferihisar Project, which will also last for a year, it is aimed to contribute to the branding and extension of women’s labour in local.

In the kitchen which will be established within the scope of the Project, women living in Seferihisar will be trained to become trainers and will share their knowhow and experiences with visitors.

Besides, branding and promotion activities will be conducted for the products that are manufactured by women.

These branded products are planned to reach to consumers not only in Seferihisar bazaars but also through internet.  



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