“Time For Change” in the Green Business Conference

01 Oct 2013

The Green Business Conference brought together hundreds of leading private sector companies from around the world for the fifth time under this year’s theme of “time for change”.

New Horizons- The Green Business Conference which was organized by Sustainability Academy on 17-18 September in İstanbulfocused on the changes in the business world, new parameters, sustainable development and green jobs.

UNDP supported the organization as the solution provider.

Green Business Conference was kicked off with the opening speech of Cevdet Yılmaz, Minister of Development.

There were more than hundred speakers and more than forty panels were organized during the Conference.

Some of the topics addressed at the Green Business Conference were as follows: new parameters of the business world, the present and future of sustainable business, green jobs, sustainable capital markets and financing, energy efficiency and energy management, renewable energies, sustainable municipalities, Turkey’s energy future, policies and practices, clean production, sustainable living spaces and water and carbon management.

Malhotra: Greening the economy is not optional

UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Turkey Kamal Malhotra also delivered a speech at the Green Business Conference and stressed that sustainable development needs to ensure equitable prosperity for all and that the interrelation between the three pillars of sustainability which are social, economic and environmental has become undisputable.  

Kamal Malhotra expressed the significance of policy measures in the transition to an inclusive green economy and underlined that greening the economy is not optional and that failure to do so would result in instability, damage to vulnerable communities and regress development in the long run.

Kamal Malhotra also stressed the significance of the private sector’s responsibilities and duties during this process.

All the CO2 emissions emerged throughout the conference was calculated and the carbon footprint of these emissions was erased.

In other words, the 5th Green Business Conference where world’s leading institutions shared their experiences on sustainable development and green jobs was realized in a carbon neutral approach.


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