Communication network is the key of success for the “Ghost Nets”

01 Oct 2013

The communication network established among the stakeholders of the “Ghost Net Hunters” project provides a great benefit for the solution of the problem. In addition, the e-mail address of the project is waiting for the notices about ghost nets.

New Horizons- “Ghost Net Hunters” project aims to clean off the fishing gears that are left down to the bottom of the sea that passively continues fishing, in other words 'ghost nets'.

The project is supported by “the Strengthening the System of Marine and Coastal Protected Areas of Turkey” project and GEF Small Grants Programme (SGP).

Surfaced nets wait for the exhibition

The hunting gears, which are collected in the context of the project launched in March, will be exhibited at the end of the project, after they are registered.

They will be used to create awareness all around the country and primarily among the users of the area.

Great interest to e-mail address

The success of the project increases the citizens’ sensitivity over the issue. Many calls and notices were received via the project website and the e-mail address from various cities.

Communication network increased the success

Another achievement of the project is the establishment of a communication network among the stakeholders.

The system, which facilitates the data and information flow among the parties, makes the coordination of the work and the achievement of success possible.


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