Achievements on energy efficiency in appliances were presented in international conferences

01 Oct 2013

Project team of “Market Transformation of Energy Efficient Appliances in Turkey” presented their success story in market surveillance capacity in various international conferences.

New Horizons- Following the summer study of European Council for Energy Efficient Economy (ECEEE) in France on June 2013, management unit of “Market Transformation of Energy Efficient Appliances in Turkey” project submitted another paper to “Seventh International Conference on Energy Efficiency of Domestic Appliances and Lighting” on 11-13 September in Portugal.

Eco-Design and Energy Labeling in an EU Accession Country

The board of the conference first accepted the paper written on the project which is entitled as “Building Capacity for Better Enforcement of EU Eco-design and Energy Labeling in an EU Accession Country – Turkey Case Study”.

Then, a team consisting of representatives from the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources General Directorate for Renewable Energy and project management unit were invited to attend the Conference and to present the paper.

The team highlighted the achievements of the project in market surveillance capacity building.

Audience from NGOs, European Commission, governmental institutions and research institutes of many EU Member States were highly interested in the presentation and delivered their recognitions about project implementation.

The project team also participated in various panel presentations during the event.

The event included eight different panels on various aspects of energy efficiency of domestic appliances and lighting including smart grid, behavioral energy efficiency, testing methods, household energy consumption metering, labeling, etc.

In addition to project presentation, it was also interesting to hear about EU experience on implementation of eco-design and energy labeling directives, market transformation efforts in China, progress of new ideas on new energy label design.

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