“No spear-fishing” warning from Underwater Research Society

01 Jul 2013

According to the studies undertaken within the framework of “Responsible Fishing” project implemented by the Underwater Research Society (SAD), Datça-Bozburun Special Environmental Protection Area (SEPA) is under an intense pressure of spear-gun fishing due to the increase in illegal fishing activities.

New Horizons - The dimensions of illegal fishing were highlighted in the studies within the project under the support of the Strengthening the System of Marine and Coastal Protected Areas of Turkey Project and GEF Small Grants Programme (SGP) – COMDEKS.

Striking findings were reached in the studies regarding to spear-fishing under the context of the project.

Commercial sale of the fish caught by spear-gun is banned

The studies showed that there is an intense pressure of spear-gun fishing in Datça-Bozburun SEPA both locally and from the outer sources.

The significant part of this pressure is based on commercial purposes.

Especially in summer season, as the demand for fish increases, selling fish to some restaurants, which are caught illegally, becomes a popular economic activity in the region.

But the selling of fish caught by spear-gun in the restaurants or use of them for commercial purposes is completely banned in Turkey like in many other countries.

Conscious fishermen/divers support the project

Project team has also been communicating with the local fishermen, restaurants, official representatives and the consumers.

This communication reveals that the project is being supported by the conscious and fishermen, divers and restaurants.


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