These games are for protecting the environment

01 May 2013

Games and toys on the relations of humans and sea are designed for the pre-school and primary school level children in the context of the “Responsible Fishing” project.


New Horizons, May 2013 - “Responsible Fishing” project is being conducted by the support of the Strengthening the System of Marine and Coastal Protected Areas of Turkey Project and GEF SGP- COMDEKS.

Support from METU

The games and toys, which are in the education set of the project conducted by the Underwater Research Society, are developed by the students of the METU Industrial Design Department.

The designs were made by the Grade 1 Basic Design Studio Lecture Team in a one-week group work, which started with a seminar.

10 different games and toys were designed

In the seminar phase, the experts gave information in marine and human interaction and the children’s perception.

After the seminar, 10 groups, consist of 4-5 students, made 10 different game and toy designs under the light of the information they are given.

The main purpose comes up as to make the children internalize the protection of the environment, obeying the relevant prohibitions and to being responsible fisher.

Designs will be improved in summer

The games and the toys will be continued to be improved in the summer time.

The games and toys will be part of the education set, prepared in the context of the Responsible Fishing Project.


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