The Ghost Net Hunters shoved off

01 May 2013

The lost fish nets are began to be located in Gökova Special Environmental Protection Area in the context of the 'Ghost Net Hunters' project.

New Horizons, May 2013 - “Ghost Net Hunters” project is being conducted by the support of the Strengthening the System of Marine and Coastal Protected Areas of Turkey Project and GEF SGP- COMDEKS.

“Green fish” will be a guide

The project activities that are being conducted with the partnership of Gökova Sailing Club and Mediterranean Conservation Society are started in Gökova Special Environmental Protection Area (SEPA) to identify the locations of the lost nets.

The locations of the nets, in where they are most frequently lost, are signed on the map with “green fish” by the support of the fisheries cooperatives in the region.

The fishermen who lost their nets accompanied

The locations were visited together with the fishermen, who lost their nets in those areas, and as a result of the efforts 25 new locations were signed on the map.

Next step is diving

The discovery dives will be made according to sea and weather conditions starting from April.

The conditions of the hunting gear and the nets at those locations will be determined and the pre-study to will be done to remove the nets.


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