NGOs and private sector representatives have met for development cooperation

01 May 2013

In two meetings held on April within the framework of South-South Cooperation project, NGOs’ and private sector’s involvement in Turkey’s development cooperation activities was underlined.

New Horizons, May 2013 - South-South Cooperation project has been executed by Turkish International Cooperation Agency (TIKA) with the support of UNDP Turkey.

Meetings, held in Istanbul, aim to find out the challenges and expectations of both private sector and NGOs in order to strengthen these two sectors’ involvement in Turkey’s development cooperation activities.

First meeting was held on 12 April with the support of UNDP İstanbul Private Sector and Development Center.

In this meeting, private sector representatives and representatives from TIKA, Foreign Ministry and Ministry of Development have met.

IICPSD provided the participants with the best practice examples of both traditional and emerging donor implementations around the world with their keynote speech and presentations.

In the discussion sessions both private sector representatives and the participants from the main policy making public institutions of Turkey’s international development cooperation had the opportunity to discuss on Turkey’s priority areas of international development cooperation and the modalities to cooperate in these areas.

The second meeting was held on 26 April with representatives from different NGOs, again in Istanbul.

The aim of the meeting was to seek for the expectations of Turkish NGOs in their development and humanitarian activities abroad.

At this meeting, Brian Tomlinson who is the author of a research requested by UNDP China on donor and NGO cooperations worldwide and Barbora Lateckova from UNDP Bratislava regional center shared their findings on the modalities, challenges and best practices of working with NGOs from both traditional and emerging donors.

Two meetings provided unique opportunity for public, private sector and civil society representatives to share their vision on development cooperation strategy of Turkey.


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