First ever National Volunteering Committee in Turkey established

01 May 2013

Volunteerism in Turkey took important step forward on April, as 22 participants got together in Ankara to establish a first ever National Volunteering Committee in the country.

New Horizons, May 2013 - The National Volunteering Committee currently consist of 17 organisations and 5 individual members representing civil society, the government and the UN and covers number of thematic fields such as education, youth, environment and development.

This variety of members intends to reflect the nature of volunteering itself, which touches all sectors and levels of the society.

The Committee will be a strategic, advisory body that supports the recognition, strengthening and enhancement of volunteerism.

“A time to establish a collaborative committee was right. Across the field of volunteering, there is a shared sense of challenges that should be addressed through collaboration. This committee will support creating an environment where that volunteering can flourish”, says Ulla Gronlund from United Nations Volunteers, which kick-started the process to create the Committee last year.

As a first ever collaborative committee in the field of volunteering, National Volunteering Committee will take an important role in raising awareness about volunteering among citizens and policy makers alike, and about the contribution it makes to the quality and well-being of individuals and communities.

“Volunteering is an essential component of any strategy that recognizes that progress cannot be measured solely in terms of economic return. Such development strategies acknowledge that people are not motivated by self-interest alone but by their deeply held values and beliefs,” Suat Ozcagdas from Social Innovation Centre explains to highlight why volunteering deserves nation-wide attention.
The next few months the Committee will concentrate on developing its internal functioning and strategic plan for the next couple of years.

“We want to be inclusive though, and have therefore reserved couple of empty seats for possible other organisations to join. They can do so until June”, welcomes Hatice Kapusuz from Civil Society Development Centre.

Founding members of National Volunteering Committee:

Community Volunteer Foundation, Civil Society Development Centre, Association of Kırıkkaleli Businessmen and Administrators, Turkish Red Crescent Society, Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion For Reforestation and The Protection of Natural Habitats, Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey, Center For Social Innovation, Corporate Volunteer Association, You Got the Life Youth Academy Association, Habitat Center for Development and Governance, Labor and Social Security Research and Development Center, Association for Supporting Contemporary Life, Turkey Charity Association, Türkiye Yardım Sevenler Derneği Zonguldak Şubesi. Third Sector Foundation of Turkey, Turkish National Agency, Ministry of Youth and Sports, United Nations Volunteers and Aydın Çetin, A. Duygu Fendal, Hülya Denizalp, Gelnta Achmetoglou, Timur Timothy Tiryaki


Further details:

Burcu Tamgac Morel, United Nations Volunteers; Tel: 0312 454 1112


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