UNDP Resident Representative Najam retires from public service

01 Apr 2013

United Nations Resident Coordinator Shahid Najam retired on 31 March after more than three decades of public service.

New Horizons - Najam, a national of Pakistan, will return to his home country after almost 22 years of service with the UN system around the globe.

“During the course of my career, I have witnessed with concern and pain, in the same space and time, the sordid concurrence of the abject poverty and starvation on the one hand and wastage and opulence on the other” Najam said in a statement he gave to New Horizons.

“I feel enormously privileged and honored to have had my final stint of more than 3 years in Turkey- a country which has done marvelously well in recent years in terms of its assiduous pursuit of the Millennium Development Goals through people centered, inclusive and sustainable development and its commitment to help especially the least developed countries address their development challenges” Najam added.

Najam, during his tenure in Ankara successfully led the UN Country Team to achieve several initiatives.

“I will be carrying with me very fond memories of Turkey, the hospitality and generosity of its people and the warmth of many friends and colleagues who have been tremendous source of inspiration and encouragement during all these years” Najam said.

We wish him health and happiness in the next phase of his life.