GEF SGP grants for new sixteen projects

01 Apr 2013

Global Environment Fund (GEF) Small Grant Programme (SGP) National Steering Committee gathered to review the projects which are prepared to be implemented in the various cities in Turkey.

New Horizons - In the meeting held at the beginning of March, together with the eleven projects which were presented by project owners, twenty one projects were evaluated.

Projects were prepared in order to mitigate adverse effects of climate change, preserve of biodiversity and provide energy saving.

Sixteen projects were granted by the National Steering Committee.

The projects will be implemented in the cities such as Ankara, İstanbul, Bartın, Sakarya and Kayseri.

What is Global Eenvironmental Fund?

The GEF Small Grants Programme (SGP) is a world-wide programme providing grants to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for activities that address global problems related to biodiversity conservation and sustainable use, protection of international waters, as well as combating of land degradation and climate change.

SGP is an integral part of Global Environment Facility (GEF), whose mission is "to make the connection between local and global environmental challenges and between national and international resources".

Since 1993, about USD 2 million have been distributed in small grants to over 100 projects throughout Turkey, promoting effective linkage of the environmental objectives in protection of biodiversity and international waters to sustainable livelihood and local development.