'Rise of the South' transforming global power balance

15 Mar 2013


2013 Human Development Report points out to a global order where there are massive poverty reduction, middle-class expansion from major development gains in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

New Horizons - “The rise of the South is unprecedented in its speed and scale,” the 2013 Report adds. “Never in history have the living conditions and prospects of so many people changed so dramatically and so fast.”

This phenomenon goes well beyond the so-called BRICs, middle income countries often represented by Brazil, Russia, India and China, the 2013 Report stresses.

New opportunities and partnerships for South and North

The Report shows that more than 40 developing countries have made greater human development gains in recent decades than would have been predicted.

These achievements, it says, are largely attributable to sustained investment in education, health care and social programmes, and open engagement with an increasingly interconnected world.

This historic progress is creating opportunities for the South and the North to collaborate in new ways to advance human development and confront shared challenges such as climate change, the Report says.

Government Leadership, Global Engagement

The Report argues that ambitious, well-conceived policies can sustain this human development progress in coming decades and expand its reach to still more developing countries.

But it also warns that short-sighted austerity measures, failures to address persistent inequalities, and a lack of opportunities for meaningful civic participation could threaten this progress unless leaders take bold corrective action.

Turkish Minister of Development contributed to the Report

Turkish Minister of Development Cevdet Yılmaz writes in the Report about how Turkey strengthened health, education and social support programs as a strategy to reduce poverty.

“Key policy changes include systematic strengthening of social assistance programmes, conditional cash transfers, social security reforms and an ambitious transformation of the national public health system,” he writes.


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