Podcasts produced by UNDP Turkey published into an e-book

01 Mar 2013

The transcripts of first fifty episodes of New Horizons Podcasts which is produced by UNDP are compiled into an e-book with the title of “Innovative Development Stories Told Through Innovative Communication”. Both English and Turkish versions of the e-book are available.

New Horizons - The main aim of the New Horizons Podcasts is to raise awareness of UNDP works and local and global development issues by speaking to as many people as possible.

The audio files of every episode, which are in Turkish, are available on iTunes Store.

These programmes are produced by the UNDP Turkey Communications Office with contributions of Radyo İlef and Açık Radyo.

Thanks to its remarkably wide radio network, the New Horizons Podcasts has reached over 1 million people in Turkey every week.

There are currently eleven radio stations broadcasting New Horizons Podcasts, including one national radio, one local radio and nine university radios all around Turkey.

UNDP Resident Representative in Turkey Shahid Najam said that “New Horizons Podcasts, which became number one in the Government and Organizations category in iTunes Turkey store, serve as a potent channel of communication for the people in Turkey, especially those interested in developmental issues, helping them give expression to their voice and productively articulate their views on shaping a healthier and greener future.”

In the e-book, the transcripts of the first fifty podcasts that has already been broadcasted are compiled. 

You may find Turkish and English versions of the e-book from the following links: Turkish | English

Transcripts and audio/video recordings of new and old podcast programmes can be followed on http://www.bit.ly/nhorizons or http://undp.org.tr.


For more news from New Horizons: www.yeniufuklar.info/en