Melsa model gives hope for the coasts

01 Mar 2013


MELSA in Muğla comes forward as one of the best examples for financial sustainability and capacity building targets under the “Strengthening the System of Marine and Coastal Protected Areas of Turkey Project”.

New Horizons - MELSA, the public company, which was founded in 1995 by Muğla Provincial Administration, will be shown as a successful model at world scale, which provides rational and regular utilization and supervision of the coasts.

Protects tourism and culture

MELSA contributes to tourism by successfully managing many facilities and sites.

MELSA also provides support to production in the area of weaving, which is an important cultural heritage for the region, and protects the reputable historical places.

Two million Turkish Lira for social responsibility in 2012

Most of the income from the facilities and sites is delivered to the National Education schools, state institutions, villages and districts, associations, festivals, activities, sport clubs, disabled people, relatives of the martyrs, the people in need of aid and the university students.

The amount distributed in 2012 was 2.241.000 TL.

Model for the least developed countries

UNDP aims to present the MELSA management system as a model and a best practice for the least developed countries for the management of daily facilities in and around marine protected areas.


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