Future lies in tourism

01 Mar 2013

The Sustainable Tourism Support Fund was inaugurated on February which is implemented with the partnership of UNDP, Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Anadolu Efes. 

New Horizons - As the Sustainable Tourism Support Fund aims to support the project ideas on sustainable tourism, the objective of the project is to promote the local product development and enhance job creation activities and create sustainable living areas.

The Support Fund will also give necessary consultation and communication support and education opportunities to the projects if needed. 

In the media launch of the Support Fund, UNDP Resident Representative Shahid Najam stated that the sustainable tourism is one of the important sectors that can lead an enhanced development impact on the lives of marginalized and vulnerable segments of the society.

He noted that “The Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development and emphasized the potential of well-designed and well-managed tourism strategies to promote economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development. Global experience amplifies that well planned and competently executed tourism strategies and programmes invariably lead to pro-poor and inclusive sustainable development.”

Onur Gözet, Head of Foreign Relations and EU Coordination Department in Ministry of Culture and Tourism, underscored that while sustainable tourism contributes local economy, it is also an important factor to create new destination places for tourists.

As T. Altuğ Aksoy, the General Director of Anadolu Efes  emphasized that they support local economy and development by promoting sustainable tourism. 

He said that “Turkey has enormous tourism potential and resources. To unlock this potential, we need to explain the importance of sustainable tourism.”

You may apply to the Support Fund via http://www.gelecekturizmde.com


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