Helen Clark at Stanford: Whole world must develop differently

01 Dec 2012


UNDP Administrator Helen Clark gave a lecture focusing on how tackling climate change can help accelerate economic and energy transformations in favor of both developed and developing countries at the Stanford University.

New Horizons - UNDP Administrator Helen Clark said at her lecture on the 8th of November at the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment & the Stanford Program in Human Biology that progress towards a new global climate agreement has been painfully slow.
She presented her argument as "Unless there is more coordinated global action to tackle climate change soon, it will be increasingly hard to reduce poverty, in all its dimensions, particularly in the world’s poorest countries. The costs of adaptation will also rise steeply everywhere."

She pointed out that the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy in the United States and the Caribbean in recent weeks reminds us how destructive extreme and volatile weather can be.

She stated that to tackle climate change, the whole world must develop differently.

She attracted the attention to already existing significant finance for climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Applied to smart strategies, the global community can make the transition to green and inclusive economies which tackle inequality, advance development and arrest ecosystem degradation.

She added that tackling climate change can help accelerate economic and energy transformations, drive revolutions in technology, and spur the creation of new production models which may create new opportunities for developed and developing countries. 

However, she added that along with a multi-disciplinary approach, all these require engaged citizens and bold leadership, willing and able to take on entrenched interests and leave behind failed models.

She said that in this way, climate change must also be brought into debates on how to stimulate economic growth, address deficits, generate decent work, achieve energy security, and lay the ground for a more stable and peaceful world.


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