The future of entrepreneurship will be shaped under this roof

01 Dec 2012


International Centre for Entrepreneurship which will shape the sustainable future of entrepreneurship in Turkey has opened on 15th of November.

New Horizons - International Centre for Entrepreneurship was established by Turkey Vodafone Foundation, under the auspices of Ministry of Development and in cooperation with UNDP and Habitat Centre for Development and Governance.

The Centre will contribute to the development of ecosystem of entrepreneurship in Turkey and Turkey’s competitiveness at the global scale.

International Centre for Entrepreneurship gathers non-governmental institutions, international organizations, technology companies and the studies on entrepreneurship held in universities under the same roof for the first time.

The opening ceremony of International Centre for Entrepreneurship was inaugurated by Serpil Timuray, Vodafone Turkey Chairman of the Executive Board and UNDP Turkey Deputy Resident Representative Matilda Dimovska on 15th of November.

Serpil Timuray: “We reinvigorate the labor force in Turkey via entrepreneurship”

Serpil Timuray, Vodafone Turkey Chairman of the Executive Board, said in the opening ceremony that “The entrepreneurs, who are the most dynamic sector in the economy and catalyser of change, represent the driving force which will pave the way for development and prosperity by turning the opportunities into the advantages of their society.”

Mrs. Timuray indicated that this centre will increase the exchange of information and experience between different stakeholders who are active in the field of entrepreneurship.

Inclusive education curriculum to improve the entrepreneur human resource

Under the roof of International Centre for Entrepreneurship, it is aimed to determine a road map by identifying the current needs in the field of entrepreneurship and improve the entrepreneur human resource with the inclusive education curriculum.

In this scope, all the people, particularly youth and women, who have the power of entrepreneurship, will be trained through face to face and online trainings, focusing on their own needs and they will get mentoring service.

International Centre for Entrepreneurship will also create a powerful synergy for exchange of information and experience by gathering potential entrepreneurs and decent businessmen and the centre will provide an environment for entrepreneurs to develop new visions for their work.


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