Sustainable development indicators of Turkey has been discussed

01 Dec 2012


"Sustainable Development Indicators of Turkey after Rio+20” was discussed in a meeting in Ankara on 4th of October, where studies from Turkey and all over world were presented.

New Horizons - The meeting was held to identify accurate sustainable development indicators and to determine a mechanism to be followed for Turkey. 

In the meeting, the studies of WWF-Turkey, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Ministry of Development on sustainability were shared.

The calculation of ‘Ecological Footprint' which enables environmental sustainability to be measured was presented by Mathis Wackernagel, the head of Global Footprint Network (GFN).

WWF-Turkey shared the results of ‘Ecological Footprint Report for Turkey’. The report was the first example of its kind in which ecological footprint was calculated.

In the opening ceremony of the meeting, Matilda Dimovska, Deputy Resident Representative of UNDP Turkey, indicated that at the Rio+20 Conference, the political commitment of UN Member States was put on sustainable development.

Dimovska also stated that the sustainable development is the best option which contains employment opportunities, poverty eradication and elimination of inequalities in addition to protection of the environment, in today’s world.

Ecological Footprint Report for Turkey, which was calculated for the first time in Turkey by WWF-Turkey in collaboration with GFN, offers solutions to stop the ecological timeout limit in the light of scenarios for the year 2050 while examining natural resources according to categories of land-use forms, level of consumption and income.

The report sets the scientific basis for strategic decisions to close the ecological deficit in Turkey while examining the situation of Turkey taking into account the global and regional trends.

Mathis Wackernagel stated that the ecological risks which pose threat to Turkey’s well-being and stability, should not be underestimated but Turkey could be one of the leading countries that can guarantee the welfare of its citizens by examining the status of its natural resources, boundaries and dependencies.

Tolga Baştak, General Director of WWF-Turkey, indicated that Turkey needs also to integrate not only the indicators like growth rate but also indicators like Ecological Footprint to its development plans in order to be able to catch trends in sustainability.

He also added that a future in harmony with nature could be set up and a strong economy c


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