Podcast on sustainable toursim and international peace

01 Dec 2012


The 56th episode of New Horizons Podcasts was about the role of sustainable tourism in maintaining international peace at the local level with Fatih Şahin, the Governor of Muğla.

New Horizons - In the first programme of December, we talked about the synergy of tourism, sustainable development and international peace.

The contributor of this episode was Fatih Şahin, Governor of Muğla where attracts international tourists most in Turkey. 

He said that tourism has cultural and social dimensions as well as its economic dimension.

He stated that “Thanks to tourism, we see that people are more social, open and peaceful with the increasing mutual love and respect and with the establishment of very important friendship across countries.”

UNDP and Governorship of Muğla will Shoot a Documentary on Tourism

UNDP and Governorship of Muğla will jointly shoot a documentary on tourism’s role as a developmental and social tool to establish the Alliance of Civilizations at the local level.

With this documentary, it is aimed to visualize better the role of tourism in maintaining the international peace at the local level.

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