Helen Clark gave a speech at World Affairs

01 Dec 2012

Helen Clark gave a speech  titled “Our World in 2050: More Equitable and Sustainable – or Less?” in the mini-series called “Spotlight on Development Challenges” of World Affairs Council of Northern California which is nonprofit forum to discuss and debate global issues.

New Horizons - UNDP Administrator Helen Clark examined the current socio-economic situation of the world and  global drivers which will affect our world in 2050, in her speech, titled “Our World in 2050: More Equitable and Sustainable – or Less?”

Helen Clark highlighted that poverty, inequity, and environmental sustainability are inter-linked global challenges and need to be tackled concurrently.

She focused on the importance of three essential elements of the human development paradigm which are equality of opportunity for all people in society; sustainability of such opportunities from one generation to the next and empowerment of people so that they participate in development processes.

Helen Clark stated that these development challenges must be addressed in an integrated way. She also mentioned the role of choices made on political, environmental, social and economic issues within this process.

UNDP Administrator presented the solution of considering the approaches of innovation and partnership at the local level, action at the country level and building consensus at the global level for sustainable 2050.

In the conclusion, Helen Clark stated that she is very optimistic that the world can be more equal and sustainable in 2050, in the light of technology, entrepreneurship, environmental awareness and respect.


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