Participation for inclusive regional governance

01 Oct 2012


“Basic Level Training on Participation and Stakeholder Engagement in Regional Development” were held in Ankara between 24-26 September 2012 in the scope of the joint initiative of Ministry of Development and UNDP Turkey for “Support to the Improvement of Mechanisms for Governance of Regional Development in Turkey”.

New Horizons - The trainings were held with the participation of staff of 25 Development Agencies together high level representatives of Ministry of Development and provided basic skills and knowledge on facilitation, participation and stakeholder engagement in regional governance processes.

The trainings were held in an environment where the participants addressed the main challenges and lessons learned with regards to the participatory governance processes in regional development freely with the top-notch trainers of participation.

In that respect, it also provided an important opportunity for the Ministry of Development and the Agencies to discuss the different factors effecting the participation and engagement landscape and performance of the Development Agencies, particularly the Development Councils. 

The training seminars where key facilitation skills were provided with certain participation tools in different contexts  is considered to be one of its kind in Turkey since it addresses specific challenges of participation and engagement in regional development.

In that sense, the results of the gap analysis study that has been realized within the scope of the project were provided the ground for the design and delivery of the trainings.

The referred study was completed in August 2012 and identified capacity gaps or policy issues related to the roles of the Development Agencies in facilitating participatory governance.

A phased training approach on stakeholder engagement and participation in regional development is being adopted in the project implementation and as a follow up of this first interaction with the staff of the Development Agencies, it is planned that additional 120 regional planning experts from different Agencies will benefit from the Basic Trainings on Participation, Facilitation and Stakeholder Engagement in October and November 2012.

In addition, among the participants of the basic trainings 75 selected staff of Development Agencies will benefit from the 3 four-day advanced trainings on participation in 2013.