Airports of İstanbul are getting ready for disasters

01 Oct 2012


Continuing its efforts in Turkey with its initiative “DHL Disaster Response Team”, DHL realized the “Get Airports Ready for Disaster (GARD)” trainings in Istanbul International Ataturk and Sabiha Gökçen airports alongside with UNDP Turkey and General Directorate of State Airports Authority.

New Horizons - With the training program that was executed on the dates of 3-7 September by DHL Disaster Response Team, both the airports and the relative personnel were being prepared for the post-disaster logistics conditions.

Training aimed to prevent the problems that may arise in case that an unexpected amount of aid material arrives to airports after a natural disaster by determining the local logistics capacity and the expertise.

During the training program, which is successfully realized in Indonesia, Nepal and Bangladesh, emergency plans were made by evaluating the local authorities’ and government officials’ exclusive needs alongside with the airport personnel.

Knowledge Transfer to Local Experts

GARD instructors were consisted of the logistics and education experts who had a specialized training voluntarily in precaution programme prepared by Deutsche Post DHL for disaster management.

GARD programme took place in two airports of Istanbul with the participation of approximately 30 employees.

Among the participants, besides the personnel members of Ataturk and Sabiha Gokcen airports, there were representatives from the airports of Izmir, Ankara, Antalya, Adana, Bodrum, Dalaman, Nevsehir and Trabzon.

With the aim of benefiting from the expertise of the related shareholders, security personnel and the public officials also participated in the training.

Stating that Turkey is a highly developed country but there is need for exclusive requirements in terms of logistics in post-disaster period, Deutchse Post DHL Corporate Communications and Corporate Responsibility Director Christof Ehrhart said; “Our GARD initiative presents the opportunity of passing our post-disaster logistics expertise to the local specialists before the disasters. GARD makes an important and efficient contribution to regular management activities in post-disaster period.”

Being Located in an Active Tectonic Region, Turkey is Getting Prepared for Disasters

Being located in an area that is active in tectonic terms and where earthquakes happen regularly, DHL Express CEO of Turkey and France Michel Akavi stated that the GARD initiative is a highly beneficial one in terms of professionalizing the disaster management.

UNDP Environment and Sustainable Development Programme Director Dr. Katalin Zaim stated; “All kinds of efforts for getting prepared for disasters and reducing the risk of a natural disaster correspond to the empowered lives, resilient nations mission of UNDP. In this regard, the GARD training programme, which is developed by the collaboration of DPDHL and UNDP and aiming to build  capacity for disaster preparedness in airports particularly prone to disaster risks. I believe that this training will contribute to better plan and deliver relief in Istanbul airports in case of a disaster.”