UNDP’s Africa Human Development Report released

01 Jun 2012


Sub-Saharan Africa cannot sustain its present economic resurgence unless it eliminates the hunger that affects nearly a quarter of its people, UNDP argues in the newly released Africa Human Development Report 2012: Towards a Food Secure Future.

New Horizons - Arguing that action focused on agriculture alone will not end food insecurity either, the Report calls for new approaches covering multiple sectors; from rural infrastructure to health services, to new forms of social protection and empowering local communities.

Ensuring that the poor and vulnerable have greater voice through strengthened local government and civil society groups is also needed to ensure food security for all.

The quickening pace of change and new economic vitality on the continent make this an opportune time for action, the Report says.

The Africa Human Development Report can be downloaded from  www.afhdr.org

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