Training on EU eco-design and energy labeling directives

01 Jun 2012


Training of headquarters personnel of the Ministry of Science Industry and Technology (MoSIT) on implementation of EU Eco-design and Energy Labeling directives (train the trainers) has taken place between 25-27 April 2012 in Ankara.

New Horizons - The training programme was attended by Electrical and Electronics Industry Division under DG for Industry who are responsible for transposing the EU regulations and staff of DG for Safety and Inspection of Industrial Products who are responsible for Market Surveillance of products.

By this training programme, the headquarters staff of MoSIT are provided with training on EU Eco-design and Energy Labeling Directives for the first time.

The training will ensure sustainability of in-service training for updating of Market Inspectors of Provincial Offices of MoSIT which MoSIT conducts regularly.

This training will be reinforced by the Training on Management of Market Surveillance Programme scheduled in June 2012 and to be delivered by national measurement Office (NMO), the British Market Surveillance Authority.