Training of energy officials on operation of Market Monitoring System

01 Jun 2012


Training of DG for Renewable Energy of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources staff on Operation of Market Monitoring System has taken place on 25 April in Ankara.

New Horizons - The system was established for monitoring the annual sales volume by energy classes and sales weighted average energy consumption, energy consumption and GHG emissions caused by household appliances covered by Energy Efficient Appliances in Turkey Project (EE Appliances) and subject to eco-design and energy labeling regulations in Turkey for developing and implementing more effective EE policies in Turkey.

The Market Monitoring System will be a first not only in Turkey but also in Europe provided that necessary data is collected and the system is operated correctly.

Training of relevant personnel is important so that the Market Monitoring System is understood and operated correctly.

All staff from the Measurement Evaluation Monitoring and Audit Department attended the training.