R-4 Turkey Rafting Championship is to be held in Çoruh Valley

01 Jun 2012


R-4 Turkey Rafting Championship for Youth(U-21) and for Adult Men and Women included within the  Federation of Developing Sports’ activity programme of the year 2012, will be held in Tortum Lake in Uzundere district of Erzurum in June.

New Horizons - For The Tortum Lake and the district of Uzundere will host Turkey Championship for the first time.

The rafting routes and the racecourse works of Tortum River are completed within the scope of Tourism Development in the Eastern Anatolia Project (TDEAP).
With the completion of the routes it will be possible for the two rafting agencies entered into service this year; to facilitate activities at the river for tourism oriented rafting.
Besides, six teams consisted of local young will participate to the championship. The members of the teams were supported by various awareness raising activities and trainings under the scope of TDEAP.
The trainings for especially young women and men living in the neighboring districts were held for 5 years since the beginning of the project. It was aimed to create new job opportunities in the region that it is expected that the sportswomen/men of the teams will serve as professional organizers, guides and lifeguards in the tourism oriented rafting activities.

The activities of Tourism Development in the Eastern Anatolia Project (TDEAP) aims to enable the local community to generate an income through the national and international activities organized in the region, to raise awareness for outdoor activities and to spread a wide variety of alternative tourism.

For more information: http://www.gosbf.gov.tr/Sayfalar/haberdetaylari.aspx?HaberID=106

What is TDEAP Project?

TDEAP jointly executed by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Ministry of Culture and Tourism and EFES Company since April 2007, aims to contribute to the living standard of local people by improving tourism activities in the Çoruh Valley.

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