Provinces’ development ranks updated after eight years

01 Jun 2012


The Ministry of Development has published the Socio-Economic Development Ranking Survey of Provinces and Regions (SEGE-2011).

New Horizons - According to the survey the most developed provinces are Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Kocaeli and Antalya, whereas Mus, Hakkari, Agri, Sirnak and Siirt are the least developed ones.

Socio-Economic Development Ranking Survey of Provinces and Regions (SEGE) was last published in 2003.

Within the scope of SEGE-2011, the development levels of provinces were measured through variables chosen from different categories.

In SEGE-2003 58 variables in 10 sub categories were used.

In SEGE-2011, 61 variables, mostly from the years 2009 and 2010, in 8 subcategories were used. These variables touch upon demographics, education, health, employment, competitive and innovative capacity, financial capacity, accessibility and quality of life.

SEGE-2011 also constitutes a basis for the new incentive system announced by the government.

Since different sets of variables are used for SEGE-2003 and SEGE-2011, there are not “comparable.”

Variables, which relate to areas that have gained importance in the recent period, such as number of ADSL subscriptions per household, internet banking, trademark and patent rates were included in this year’s survey, while certain variables used before were excluded from it.

Details of the survey will be shared with the public opinion upon its clearance for publication.

Provided that data production and supply is ensured, SEGE surveys can be repeated annually or every two years.