European report on development issued

01 Jun 2012


The newly issued report’s name is “Confronting Scarcity: Managing Water, Energy and Land for inclusive and sustainable growth”.

New Horizons - The European Report on Development (ERD) for 2011/2012, issued in May, examines the constraints on water, energy and land and how they interrelate.
It also considers how these resources can be managed together to promote growth in developing countries that is both socially inclusive and sustainable.

The report states that a combination of public and private action is required to respond to the challenges and urges the international community to radically transform approaches to managing water, energy and land (WEL) in order to support inclusive and sustainable growth in the poorest developing countries.

The ERD is an independent report published annually that bridges the gap between policy and research and contributes to the EU's perspective on major development issues. Its messages and conclusions do not necessarily reflect the EC position.