Dreams Kitchen starts to bake

01 Jun 2012


Aiming at developing vocational skills of Dreams Academy’s disabled and socially disadvantaged participants, Dreams Kitchen started production in May.

New Horizons - Dreams Academy’s aims are to support disabled and disadvantaged women and men to become productive individuals and enable their full and equal participation in social life. Dreams Academy’s latest sub-project Dreams Kitchen was developed with financial support from the Istanbul Rotary Club.

While supporting Dreams Academy’s ultimate aim of social inclusion, Dreams Kitchen also provides an income generation model. Dreams Kitchen serves as a training and production workshop which will provide catering services for its customers.

Meanwhile participants with different disabilities and social disadvantages will gain vocational skills and employment opportunities.

Working as a social business, the income generated from Dreams Kitchen will be used for extending project activities and reaching out more participants.

After pilot workshops were started in April, Dreams Kitchen was launched on 8 May 2012 with a party organized in ‘The Hall’.

The event included performances of Social Inclusion Band’s volunteer musicians, as well as DJ Funshine and DJ Matto.

Throughout May, TV stars such as Yasemin Ergene, Melike Güner, Gamze Topuz  and Gürkan Uygun participated in workshops and provided volunteer support for the Project.