Social Inclusion Band at Babylon with Best Buddies

01 May 2012


Social Inclusion Band performed at Babylon at the end of March and April.

New Horizons - “Best Buddy Story” awards were distributed at the “Best Buddies March Celebration Night” on March 26.

Kemal Mallı’s DJ performance and Dreams Academy’s Srytaki group’s instructor, Melike Dirik and her students’ show accompanied Social Inclusion Band’s concert.

On April 30, Social Inclusion Band and Dreams Academy gave once again an unforgettable performance at Babylon.

Social Inclusion Band is comprised of talented young people and professional musicians raised by Dreams Academy, which unites disabled and socially disadvantaged young people. Social Inclusion Band has been performing at various festivals such as Akbank Sanat’s Jazz Festival, Rock’n Coke and Efes One Love Festival and at various venues like Roxy, Ghetto and Babylon.
The band has also shared the stage with many musicians and bands including Cahit Berkay, Babazula, Bengü, Şebnem Ferah, Hayko Cepkin and Can Bonomo.