New agricultural infrastructure investments in Sivas – Erzincan project

01 May 2012


In Sivas and Erzincan the construction of 7 closed piped pressurized irrigation establishments have been started in order to provide a high-technology solution to a sustainable water use in irrigation.

New Horizons - In the scope of Sivas Erzincan Development Project, agricultural and social infra-structure investments aim to increase the income levels of target groups in Sivas and Erzincan, which serve as a basis for sustainable development and preservation of natural resources.

Insofar in the Project, animal water drinking structures, village roads, semi-open barns, barn rehabilitations, milk collection centers, soil analysis labs, fodder grinding and mixing machines, baling units, dry beans screening, sorting and packaging facilities had been provided as various agricultural investments.

Starting with this year, the construction of 7 closed piped pressurized irrigation establishments had been started in order to provide a high-technology solution to a sustainable, effective, economically efficient and preserving water use in irrigation. It is planned to set up 2 of the establishment in Sivas and 5 in Erzincan.

In this regard, the construction of closed piped pressurized irrigation system in Üzümlü District of Erzincan is started on 6 April 2012 in presence of district local administrators, Officers of Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock, SEDP Management Unit and local farmers.

The most promising parts of project region for agriculture has been selected for the construction of pressurized irrigation.
The existing irrigation structures in the region are prevalently pumped open channel system that had been built in 1970’s.

‘A dream comes true’

With the new construction, of which total cost is expected to be around USD 8 million, a modern system will be built of an approximately 109 km in length and will enable the irrigation of an additional 20.234 decares in the region.

The total irrigable land in the region will increase to 28.711 decares. 

As the irrigation system starts to operate, the irrigation expenses of the farmers will drastically decrease as they will switch to closed piped system from open channels and their agricultural product range will widen.

The excess amount of their current expenses then will account to their revenues. The yield from high-profit earning agricultural products will also increase.

Local administrators of the region express that Sivas-Erzincan Development Project has made their dream come true, as this investment will substantially increase productivity and attract further agro-industries to the region.

That is expected to lead to an increase in employment opportunities in agriculture and diminish the migration caused by unemployment.