UNV Turkey gives a lecture on volunteerism for art students in Bilkent University

Apr 1, 2012

UNV Turkey with partnership with the Green Lion Association, an independent non-profit organization committed to creating a sustainable future, organized a lecture in Bilkent University's department of Interior architectural design.

New Horizons - The lecture mainly focused on volunteering and its impacts around the world. This lecture was realized as to give an insight about volunteering, in addition to inspire these young artists for a competition, which will be held in April.

As the theme of the competition will be about volunteering, sustainability and environment, this lecture had a particular importance for the attendants. Hakan Yurdadoğan, instructor of the art and culture course, underlined the fact that not many students know and understand what volunteering is about and without understanding the theme itself creating an artwork to express ones inner world can become an excruciatingly hard task.

In this competition students are expected to create life size sculptures. Their work will be one of a kind as it will be the first examples of art focusing on volunteering.