Final countdown for PAN Parks certificate

01 Apr 2012


Küre Mountains National Park PAN Parks verification process has reached its final stage as a result of GEF supported “Enhancing Forest Protected Areas Management System in Turkey Project” actions.

New Horizons - PAN Parks verification by independent international experts will be done at 17-21 April 2012. During this mission, experts will carry out fieldwork and discussions to make the last decision on PAN Parks certificate.

What the PAN Parks are

Protected Areas Network (PAN) Parks is a network of Protected Areas to protect Europe’s wilderness, the continent’s most undisturbed areas of nature. PAN Parks applies a truly integrated approach to mobilise sustainable tourism development for strengthening wilderness conservation.

PAN Parks quality standards have five main principles:

Principle 1 - Rich Natural Heritage: PAN Parks are large protected areas that ae representative of Europe’s natural heritage and the international importance for wildlife and ecosystems, having at least 10.000 ha wilderness area.

Principle 2 - Nature Management: Design and management of the PAN Parks aims to maintain and, if necessary, restore the area’s natural ecological process anf its biodiversity with the action listed in a management plan.

Principle 3 - Visitor Management: Visitor management safeguards the natural values of the PAN Parks and aims to provide visitors with a high-quality experience under a visitor management plan.

Principle 4 - Sustainable Tourism Strategy: The protected area authority ans its relavant partners in the PAN Parks region aim at achieving and synergy between nature conservation and Sustainable Tourism by developing and jointly implementing a Sustainable Tourism Development Strategy.

Principle 5 – Partnerships: The local business partners aim at offering high-quality tourism packages based on the appreciation of nature.

PAN Parks