New publications: Turkey’s protected areas and climate change

01 Jan 2012


In recent years, role and effectiveness of protected areas in climate change mitigation and adaptation has been well understood.

New Horizons - To improve this, international organizations produce reference documents, organize international workshops and develop national strategies. 

With her current actions, Turkey is one of the leading countries in this topic.       

Natural Solutions” book, the main reference on protected area roles on combating climate change, has been published in Turkish. 

Beforehand, national strategy protected area and climate change in Turkey was prepared.

“Protected Areas and Climate Chance” workshop, first national workshop in the world, was organized in Ankara with the support of different organizations under the GEF supported “Enhancing Forest Protected Areas Management System in Turkey Project”. 

After this workshop, “Protected Areas and Climate Change National Strategy for Turkey" was prepared with the contribution of workshop Participants. 

This strategy which is one of the first in the world has been approved by governmental organizations and published by Ministry of Forestry and Water Works, UNDP Turkey and WWF Turkey.