Turkey's National Youth Employment Action Plan is ready

01 Dec 2011

The National Youth Employment Action Plan (NYEAP) whose drafting started in January 2010 to reduce youth unemployment in Turkey shared with public on 16 November 2011 in a meeting in Ankara where Namık Ata, Undersecretary of Minister of Labour and Social Security, UN Resident Coordinator Shahid Najam, International Labour Organization's Turkey Director Ümit Efendioğlu and heads of several national labour unions were present.

New Horizons - Under the United Nations Joint Programme “Decent Work for All: National Youth Employment Programme and Pilot Implementation in Antalya”, the Action Plan was drafted by the National Technical Team through a process coordinated by the Turkish Employment Organization (İŞKUR).

The NYEAP consists of three main parts: Labour Market Situation Analysis; Policy Recommendations and an Action Plan Matrix containing specific measures to be taken by the İŞKUR until 2015.

Capitalizing on International Labour Organization’s (ILO) “Guide for the Preparation of Action Plans on Youth Employment”, the Action Plan aims at ensuring the employment of higher numbers of young men and women in decent jobs in Turkey.

The Action Plan which is the first in its field in Turkey and of interest to about 12 million young people in the age group 15-24 identifies specific outcomes under the following 3 major objectives:

i) Enhancing İŞKUR’s capacity in increasing youth employment,

ii) Strengthening the linkages between education and employment, and

iii) İŞKUR’s contribution to job creation.

The National Technical Team that prepared the National Youth Employment Action Plan consists of representatives of various governmental organizations, confederations of workers’ and employers’ unions, academics and a representative from one youth NGO.

The United Nations Joint Programme was financed by the Millennium Development Goals Achievement Fund. In the process of drafting the plan, International Labour Organization (ILO), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and International Organization for Migration (IOM) that worked with the İŞKUR extended technical support to the National Technical Team in such issues as gender equality and poverty reduction through workshops, training seminars, study visits abroad and reports prepared by experts in various fields.

Members of the National Technical Team represent the following organizations: Turkish Employment Organization, Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Development, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Turkish Statistical Institute, TİSK, DİSK, HAK-İŞ, TÜRK-İŞ and Youth Employment Association. The team also has two academics as one agricultural and one labour economist.