Climate Change Law for Turkey: 2012 and Beyond

01 Dec 2011


The Symposium on “Climate Change Law for Turkey: 2012 and Beyond” which is in the scope of Turkey’s Climate Change Second National Communication was held in Istanbul with a wide participation.

New Horizons - The Symposium held on 31st of October 2011,in Istanbul Bilgi University, which aims to discuss the legal status of Turkey, introduce and evaluate the new climate regime in both international and national scales, and moreover, reflect the framework of Turkey’s effort in order to take an effective role in the climate regime beyond 2012 in the international process.

The meeting was hosted by Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, United Nations Environment Programme, United Nations Development Programme and İstanbul Bilgi University.

A total of 66 representatives from the public institutions, private sector, NGOs, and universities participated to the symposium.

The participants were informed about the international and national conditions of climate regime beyond 2012 by the attendances of international and national academicians and experts.

The symposium started with the opening speech of Dr.Öznur Oğuz Kuntsal, continued with related presentations given by Dr. Daniel Bodansky, Dr. David Freestone, Daniel Greenberg, Dr. Nilüfer Oral, Prof. Dr, Frank Maes and Nursel Atar,, and attendance of speakers.

In the presentations given by national and international experts, last developments on climate change law with the aspect of their reflections to Turkey, and recent developments on climate change in Turkey were underlined.