Küre Mountains National Park is among global case studies

01 Nov 2011


Küre Mountains National Park experience is listed among global and regional case studies.

New Horizons - Experience of GEF funded “Enhancing Forest Protected Areas Management System in Turkey Project” implemented in Küre Mountains National Park and its buffer zone has been presented as a case study in various international congress and workshops.

Protected area management, sustainable tourism applications, ecosystem service and economic evaluation work, and sustainable forest management experience of Küre Mountains National Park was shared globally in two different international meetings.

First of these meetings was “Ecosystem Services Partnership Conference 2011” held in Netherlands at the first days of October 2011.

From all around the world, more than 300 scientists, experts and government representatives participated in this conference under this year’s theme of “Ecosystem Services: Integrating Science and Practice”.

The second meeting that Küre Mountains work shared was “Regional Workshop for Central Asia on Updating National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans” held in İstanbul on 17-20 October 2011.

Main national experts of Convention on Biodiversity from 7 different countries participated in the workshop.

For more details:www.kdmp.gov.tr

On the 25th of September the children experienced bird watching activities and educational games to raise awareness about the biological diersity and nature with the guidance of experts of Nature Research Society at Uzundere Zugar picnic area.