Dreams swim intercontinentally

01 Aug 2011


Dreams Academy’s volunteer swimmers entered the swimming competition at Bogazici Intercontinental competition in mid July.

New Horizons - After a successful Meis-Kas performance, Dreams Academy Volunteer Swimmers and their Team leader Kamil Resa Alsaran swam tough intercontinental 6,5 kilometer track this time.

In this special racing Alsaran and his team with each strike out contributed to another student’s social life and also offered them a free holiday and training opportunities.

These voluntary projects that give support to the development of the Alternative Camp and the Dreams Academy are aiming to increase the social awareness.

Every year from different parts of the world hundreds of professional and amateur swimmers that attended this race, started on July 17, 2011 at 10.00 from Kanlica and cease to exist at Kuruçeşme Cemil Topuzlu Park.

Bogazici races that has been organized for the 23rd times by the Turkey’s National Olympics Committee also draw attention as being the world’s first and only swimming organization between the two continents.

About Dreams Academy

Dreams Academy is a project ,which was implemented by Alternative Life Association (AYDER), UNDP and State Planning Organization by the financial support of Vodafone Foundation Turkey, that aims to support the participation of the socially disadvantaged and the disables into society and taking up a profession.

Workshop locations have been chosen according to the suitable accessibility standards of the disabled. Locations Beşiktaş Municipality has allocated to the project are Disabled Friendly.

DA is a leading and a model project providing equal participation opportunity with the " Art for all " approach. Dreams Academy contains Vocal-Rythm-Dance- Film-Photograpghy-DJ-Instrument-Painting-Design Workshops.

Being the top performers of their branch and having high sensitivity, workshop educators and corporate partners are the most powerful milestones in Dreams Academy Project in the means of reaching project targets, program quality and sustainability.

The Project has won 2009 Golden Compass Award, 2011 “This is Social Innovation” award, and listed as the best practice in UNDP Human Development

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