"Life Plus" youth groups gathered in Istanbul

01 Jul 2011


A group of 30 young project representatives have come together in Saklıköy -Istanbul between 26th June and 1st July to present their innovative solutions to current environmental challenges in Turkey as part of Life Plus Youth Programme.

New Horizons - Since 2005, the "Life Plus" Youth Program, conducted through a partnership between the Coca-Cola Life Plus Foundation, the YADA Foundation and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), has supported 52 youth-led environmental projects.

In its 7th term, Life Plus Youth Program has gathered 30 young project leaders from all corners of Turkey in Life Plus Istanbul Meeting.

The project teams presented their project ideas which tackled a range of issues including ensuring the sustainable management and effective use of water resources and wetlands, achieving the wider implementation of agricultural irrigation methods that protect water resources and ensuring the sustainable use and protection of forest resources.

During the meeting, the project teams participated in Project Design and Project Management Cycle (PCM) Workshops. Projects were evaluated and redesigned in these workshops through problem, stakeholder and target group analysis, through activity design and planning of outcomes, results and sustainability of each project.

Life Plus Istanbul Meeting will be followed by the final application procedure of the Program. Project teams will prepare and send their project applications to "Life Plus" until 1th of August and after the evaluation of the projects by the evaluation committee the selected projects will receive financial support for implementation.

For detailed information please visit www.hayataarti.org